Thursday, February 2, 2012

top 5 things you are probably not doing at midnight (but we are)

1. Calming your child down from a legendary rage
2. Laughing (to keep from crying) while my husband creates a summer sausage/cheese platter
3. Googling the best under eye treatment for dark circles for 2011
4. Deciding to try something insane that the new neurologist suggested and give my child a coke
5. Balancing the checkbook

We are trying to make the best of this I am off to pray for you.


Reba said...

I know that ADHD kids will drink coke or coffee if they are out of their medicine. I don't know what else it works for, but I have heard it can be effective. I have never been brave enough to try though. :)

Katie (From Passys to Parties) said...

Oh Linds, I don't know how you do it sweet girl. Ya'll are constantly in our prayers. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Matthew is always after my coffee :) Love that you're trying to keep your sense of humor Lindsey. Praying for you guys too!

Entertainment News Briefs said...

You are so graceful under this pressure...even if you don't always think so. I've been following your blog since the old one with the pre-adoption days. A thought: I don't react well to regular medications either. Have you tried alternatives like acupuncture? Not all acupuncturists are created the same, so get some referrals before doing anything. Your insurance may not cover it, but if it works for you it will be well worth the cost. It is for me. (A good one would also be able to treat your sweet little girl and possibly help with her as well.) Good luck!!

Chrissy said...

I'm kind of curious as to what you found for the dark circles. :) I could use it! I'm with ya, Lindsay. We don't have the night rages but we have the all night banging of the head against any surface he can find and the day time rages. Whenever I'm up at night (which is every night) I pray for you.

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