Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to Pray for My Wife

Today, Wednesday April 24th, is a huge day to pray for my beautiful wife Lindsey!

Today she is visiting a new doctor in Atlanta.
Here are a few ways you can pray specifically for her TODAY and in the DAYS TO COME!

1. Pray for Peace - Lyme Disease is so unbelievably mysterious and unknown that it leads to a lot of unanswered and unexplainable symptoms.  The treatment options and protocols are as varied as the fish in the sea. Pray that God will give Lindsey the gift of peace while she meets with this new team and hears all of their recommendations. Pray that God will replace the fear and anxiety with comfort and peace.

2. Pray for Wisdom - James 1:5 states that anyone who lacks wisdom should ask God...so you can join us in asking God for wisdom about what Lindsey's body needs in order to fully heal.  We don't need more opinions we simply need wisdom.We need wisdom to know which paths to walk.

3. Pray for Relief - Lindsey is easily the toughest human I've ever met. We often joke that if I felt what she felt then I'd be in the hospital whining like a baby! I have no idea how she enures these headaches, muscle aches, shooting pains and throbbing hurts. It is high time we find some relief from all of this. Pray that God will lead us to a path that arrests this pain.

4. Pray for a sense of His Presence - Walking through a disease like Lyme is incredibly isolating. Though I try, I can't fully "get" what Lindsey feels.  Since Lindsey doesn't look sick on the outside most people assume that the sickness must not be "that" bad. Compounding this is the fact that all of the fatigue and pain force Lindsey to stay home.  These factors work viciously together to create a creeping sense of loneliness. We need like never before to "feel" Jesus' presence in our daily lives. We believe that God is near - but a times we would just like to feel it more often!

5. Pray for Rest - For Lindsey the nights are the worst. I cannot imagine being utterly exhausted yet unable to sleep. (I'm out within 2 minutes of laying down.) Nearly every evening Lindsey's pain keeps her awake long into the night.  That would be the reason she named her blog "Finding God After Midnight" - because she's always up far past midnight. Once she does fall asleep Lindsey is often tormented by graphic nightmares and night sweats. Strange I know but these too are not uncommon symptoms of her disease. Her body cannot get what it so badly needs: rest. Imagine waking every morning feeling as if you pulled an all-nighter!  I can't remember the last time Lindsey woke up feeling rested. Please pray that soon she will actually begin to get restful sleep.

6. Pray for Financial Aid - We have seen God show up again and again financially in our lives. This more than any other way is how He seems to be continually saying, "I got you." It's been so exciting to see how God shows up right when we need it. The very days when we have no idea how we'll move forward seem to be the days the money just shows up! We are once again at a point where we need His provision. Lindsey's treatments are critical but super expensive. We are so incredibly thankful for all of the folks who have given to us in the past and we're trusting that God will show up once again and help us pay for this new phase of the journey.

7. Pray for Healing - Ultimately we are asking God to heal Lindsey and restore LIFE to her again! It's been so long since Lindsey has felt fully alive. It's been so long since she's felt good all day. As you know Lindsey is a power house of ministry for the Kingdom of God. She was made to be able to invest deeply in people.  She's a natural born counselor with a stunning gift of discernment. Lindsey has more compassion than anyone I've ever known. We are asking that God will set her free from this disease so that she can be free to be all that God designed her to be!

Thank you for joining us in prayer. Thank you for walking with us through these dark days. Joining us now means you will get to be that much more a part of the celebration when Lindsey is whole, healed and back in full action!

We love you guys,

Grace and Peace

Chris Wheeler


Shanalea Atchison said...

Chris and Lindsey, I prayed for you guys this morning. I am hoping that relief is coming in the near future. I am amazed at your steadfastness and honesty as you struggle through. May God bless your faithfulness with healing.

Kara M said...

I'm a day late, but praying! HEALING!!! Praying that the Lord gives this doctor special discernment/wisdom on how to best serve Lindsey in this healing process!

Constance Rhodes said...

SO bummed that you guys have to walk such a hard, hard road. I'm often running too fast to take time to pray, so I'll do it right here...

Lord, you know how precious Lindsey, Chris and Eliana are. You know that Chris and Lindsey only seek to serve you in how they love Eliana and the others you put in their path. You know Lindsey's body, her weariness, and what she needs to heal. I ask God that you would set things right within her. That you would give her rest. That she would have a sense of peace that she can't explain. I ask that you would help Chris and Lindsey know who and how to ask for help when they need it, and I pray that those of us in their lives would pause to consider how we might support them in more tangible ways.

I ask for divine intervention, for proof you are there in those moments when questions surface. I ask that you would inject fun and life into their lives somehow, and that they will find times to enjoy the day fully.

I pray for understanding - for them, for those who love them, for Eliana... that grace would abound in and through this situation.

Please heal what is broken, and we will give you all the glory with each moment - each glimpse - of freedom and healing. In Jesus name, amen.

Love you guys. I'm slowing down in the summer so let me know how I can help.


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