Thursday, June 14, 2012

an onion on steroids

My close friends and family know how much I despise onions.  I have tried to like them.  People will tell me, "you can't even taste is finely chopped up."  Um, yes...I can taste it.  There is something about an onion that terrifies me.  I have no idea what it is.  I have always said that the worst punishment someone could give me would be to eat an entire one.  I know this sounds dramatic, but I can gag just thinking about them.  But, I feel like my new experience at the detox clinic can most be represented by this food I detest so much.  We are trying to get to the heart of the root issues of my health problems.  This week a few layers of the onion have been peeled back.   

On Monday, I went to the new detox clinic (not the kind of detox you are thinking).  There is so much that went on.  I was there 7.5 hours...a new record for my Lyme appointments.  The staff was unbelievable.  I immediately connected with each of them, especially the head of the clinic.  This is going to sound absolutely insane, but about 2 minutes into talking to me...she had a word from God to give to me.  I think I can count on 2 fingers how many times someone has had a "word" from the Lord to me.  But, this was crazy.  She spoke into places of my life that she had no idea were going on.  She also shared that this does not happen often.  I just kind of sat there stunned.  I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.  One layer of the "onion" had been peeled back immediately. 

The next few hours were filled with really amazing nurses coming in and out of the room making sure that my IV was okay (my first experience with IV therapy)...and to hand me a lot of different concoctions.  I gagged a few of them down.  Each time I swallowed, I would try to thank God that this nastiness is what He is using to make me better.  I've been reading 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp...and the timing couldn't be more perfect.  There is going to be a lot of pain in this experience, but the more pain the means it is killing this awful disease and a few other things as well.  They found out that I am also suffering with 2 co-infections of Lyme and another virus that is very similar to Mono.  Plus, my heart has been suffering too.  I had been experiencing crazy heart palpitations periodically, so it was so good to know that they are going to be targeting all of this.  They want to create balance in my body by ridding me of the diseases, virus, parasite, and other toxicities.  They actually create formulas for each person individually.  The girl told me mine was one of the worst concoctions she has mixed up in a long time.  I told my mom today that it is like "an onion on steroids."  It takes every bit of mental focus and tons of prayer to swallow all of it twice a day without throwing it back up.  You can smell it a mile away.  I promise...I'm not making this up. I can't believe there is something worse to swallow than an onion. Again, we are getting to the root of my issues. 

Did I say this was going to be painful?!  Today, I am hurting...every inch of my arms and legs.  But, thank you Lord that I have arms and legs...and that this pain means that the medicine is working.  I was reminded over and over again in the clinic that this is a LONG process...I will not feel better overnight.  People fly from all over the country to come to this clinic and it's 15 minutes from me.  I'm so thankful.  Please be praying for me as I begin this new part of my journey.  I am going to need crazy strength, patience with sweet Eliana, focus and rest. Also, thank you for all that gave on our "Give 20" campaign...I am still blown away.  Please be praying for more miracles in provision because these treatments are unbelievably costly.  But, it is to get my life back!!   Love you all...know that I am still praying after midnight.  Also, I will be spending hours each week at the clinic and would love to keep praying for y'all, so send me any requests. 



Kristen Borland said...

I pray this is the answer!! I am so sorry that this treatment is so difficult, but praise the Lord you have found some one who knows how to help you!

The Livelys said...

I completely feel the same about celery. The smell, the taste, the texture...TORTURE. Lindsey, we have never met, but you would not believe how much I think about your sweet family and what you are going through. I have a friend with a Guatemalan girl...identical in appearance to Eliana. Every time I see her, I say a prayer for your family. Praise God for this therapy. Praise God that He is our Jehovah Rapha!

Jess said...

Lindsey, I've been following you for a while now. You may connect who I am, I have a 5 yr old son from Guatemala. Recently I found this blog and was so sad to see how hard things have been for you and E. I'm so sorry. I feel like I have tiny glimpses of the things you are struggling with because Jadon has rage (more than "normal" but no where near Eliana) and I have arthritis. These things help me focus and pray for you. I promise I will grow that practice. When I suffer my minor (in comparison) pains, I will fill my prayers for you. I'm glad you are reading 1000 Gifts. It. Is. Amazing!!!

I think it is wonderful you are asking ways to pray for others during the night. You can pray for my friend, Molly. A year and a half ago, Molly and her husband had to turn over custody of their 2 1/2 yr old adopted daughter to her birth father. Just this April, Molly's husband suddenly died after a massive, unexplained stroke. Her blog is

Thank you for sharing and for loving others.

destee said...

I wasn't sure where else to post this but I have been reading your blog for a while and praying for you. I came across a local story of a girl who has Sanfilippo syndrome (MPS) and many of the sypmtoms sounded like things you have struggled with with Eliana. Just thought I would mention it as I thought of you all immedietly.

destee said...

here's the link to the story:

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