Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a new diagnosis

My sweet girl has Lyme disease (on top of everything else)...

I had my doctor's appointment on Friday in Atlanta...but I didn't share that we also had a doctor's appointment for Eliana (or maybe I did share...that's my brain again).  For the past few months God has been preparing me for this appointment.  I believe that with my whole heart!  There are so many pieces to Eliana's little body that just haven't added up.  We have talked to neurologists, psychologists, her therapist...and some of her symptoms just haven't been making sense.  Each doctor would refer us to a different doctor when they couldn't explain her conditions.  Our girl has one of the highest pain tolerances of anyone I know...and for the past few years has complained on and off about her head hurting her.  This is not a headache...this is an "I'm throwing up" from the pain kind of headache.  We chalked it up to maybe she has migraines and we will continue to learn more as she grows older.  Plus, there have been nights where she has cried and yelled about her feet.  She will say "there's crumbs in my feet"...we could massage them for long periods of time and nothing would help.  Another biggie is the rages and insomnia, but we assumed that this was part of her developmental trauma (it probably still is in many ways).  All of that to say...there were still so many question marks.  I received two different emails from two totally different people a few months ago asking me more questions about E.  They asked me, "has she been tested for Lyme disease??" and "have you heard of Lyme rage."  Then, two months ago we went to a homeopathic doctor that ran tests on Eliana to see if we could help with Eliana's sleep and anxiety (in addition to her anti-psychotic and anti-seizure meds)...and guess what??  She said that Eliana was testing positive for spirochetes (aka Lyme). So, we met with my doctor in ATL this past weekend and he tested Eliana (he is also more homeopathic but has treated a TON of lyme patients)...and he found Lyme in Eliana.  So, we are now heading down that road.  I was not completely shocked because I feel like I've been prepared for this...a mother's intuition.  We will never know exactly where we both got it...more than likely we got it at the SAME time in a group of infected ticks.  My body has other co-infections and viruses, so my body is taking it harder than hers.  But, my heart breaks for E!!  I don't want her to suffer, and I don't want her symptoms to get worse.  Chris and I are still processing all of this...not sure how we are really feeling.  Just be praying for the NEXT RIGHT STEPS.  This just can feel so overwhelming.  Hope this makes sense.  I do know that God has not abandoned us...I MEAN, HE GAVE US A CAR THROUGH SOMEONE!!  Thanks friends for your prayers...for money to help with our treatments...for encouragement.  I can't thank y'all enough...we are really going to need prayer over the next few months!!  Love y'all.



Kara M said...

Lindsey, our family is praying. I hurt in my heart for you and Eliana (& Chris). I pray the Lord continues to bless your family and remind you of his great love for you.

Amanda King said...

Lindsey, I was sharing your story with my dad the other day when the two of us were talking about life, hard times and faith. You did not just pop into my mind, as a cute anecdote on faith, but your family has been on my heart more and more lately. Your strength continually inspires and encourages me. Although a scary one, I am SO thankful for a diagnosis for E and that the mystery of it all is gone. Thank you for continuing to share your story with us! I am praying for you.

Bekah said...

Oh my word. Lindsey. I am so sorry to hear this. I don't know what to say. Our family continues to pray and we will not stop. Lord Jesus, be near.

Janelle said...

My young son and I both have Lyme disease. My young son has suffered from Lyme rage. We're both now in homeopathic treatment for it after three years of traditional medicine. If you need someone to talk to, I would be happy to be that person.


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