Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ya'll just keep loving us

Friends, I am so overwhelmed by your response to Chris's post.  Thank you for sharing and spreading the word...thank you for your words of encouragement.  Thank you for loving us...even those of you that just "met" us on the blog yesterday.  We are beyond grateful and completely humbled. It has been such an incredibly hard week.  There are times I am just willing myself and begging God for my next breath.  There are moments I have thought "I'm not going to make it" and then there are glimmers of God's glory...of His hope.  And ya'll are giving that to me this week.  Jesus is using you to bring life into these painful days.  It all feels so overwhelming and lonely at times...who do we focus on now?!  Do we focus on my treatments/protocols for my Lyme disease or do we focus on our precious girl that is seriously trapped in fear and trauma??  Both take a lot of diligence and discipline. One of these things would be difficult, but both of them together can make me feel like I'm being crushed.  In those moments where Chris and I feel like "WHERE ARE YOU GOD"..."HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ABOUT US"...He inevitably sends something or someone to remind us of His great love for us.  He sees every single tear I cry and loves me in my brokenness.  Our sweet friend Stephanie made this print of our family's verse.  And it brings so much hope...because even in the darkness, I know that darkness hasn't won.  There is meaning in our pain.  And JOY will come in the morning!!

Love you all so heart is so full tonight.

P.S.  Thank you for sending me emails.  It might take awhile, but I will respond!!  Also, we are already at 15% of our goal for GiveForward!!!  SO HUGE!!

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